Commonsense, practical, useful workshops

Truth is, you can sign up for a dozen free nonprofit webinars as soon as you leave my website. I take the occasional webinar myself. I even offer a commercial one (through Progressive Business Conferences) on print annual reports. But…

But webinars leave a lot to be desired. No give and take. No face to face contact. No interaction between attendees. No exercises. Little flexibility on overtime. And no gifts (I usually give away beanie babies).

I like to think my workshops have three characteristics:

  1. They draw on your own instincts and commonsense. 
  2. They are functional. You'll leave the room able to try new tricks.
  3. You'll have a good time. I do not run somber workshops. If I can't make you laugh, I have failed.

Here is a list of my usual workshops. Not much sense running shorter than 90 minutes. I have gone two days on subjects like branding for the smart folks at the Academy for Nonprofit Excellence in Norfolk, VA.

  • Making Friends with the People Who Matter (Strategic Communications Planning)
  • Branding has Nothing to Do with Logos and Mission Statements
  • 10 (Somewhat Easy) Steps to Create a Bequest Program -- and Why
  • How to Conduct Your Own Communications Audit
  • Yes, You Must Have a (Print) Annual Report
  • The Essentials of Traditional and Social Media
  • How to Get Would-be Donors to Open Your Letters
  • (Your workshop topic here)
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